No Boundary

Can fashion have no boundaries? No conditions for ethnicity, gender, sexuality, or generation? I believes that in a limitless space to embrace diversity, creativity, and uniqueness. 

There are not only two sides:
Strong or fragile.
Masculine or feminine.

Rather, we can be both at the same time.

Now, we live in a time when these boundaries are blurred. We are multidimensional, transcending boundaries.

“ At the end, we do not have to classify or be classified by who you are because we can place ourselves into a limitless space without boundaries ”

In a very soon future. We are going to create an uncategorized wardrobe, which is not divide by any generation and gender, to share experience, masculinity or femininity, old school or modern, No boundary.


"GENTLE POWER"  collection - A humble tribute to Princess Diana, Inspired by her Poise, Grace, Strength and Compassion.

A balance between traditional feminine elegance with refined structure to celebrate an image of modern HEROINE.

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